After all that investment, something new comes along!

Here I have been investing in lifetime hosting packages, SSL, CDN, various mobile making page builders and components.  Then a deal comes along and offers a new kind of funnel, page builder and free web hosting all for life!

I have been having problems building a site that will load on a mobile phone.  I just figured out how to make it, then a whole “new deal” comes along and changes the whole equation.
It cost me $685CAD to get the first deal, but I hope that Ahayah and Yasha will be pleased with the more corporate quality of website and funnel I will be able to build.
Once you buy that, you have another month to pay another $685
With even more features and upgrades.  So I’m going to save up and buy that program too (if possible).  With that I hopefully will have the basic tools needed to spread the word!
There are so many people deceived in this world, someone needs to wake them up!

Purchase Yasha Ahayah Bible Scriptures without Pagan Terms
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